2017. Baby steps

Brick WallOld websites don’t cough with dust and moths after being left neglected for a year, but it is what I expected when I clicked through here today. I decided to write something little just as a bookmark in this online diary to show that it hasn’t been closed entirely. It does bring some solace that most long term blogs are filled more frequently with apologies for inactivity than actual content, so I’m glad to fill that cliché. Only June and the first post of the year.

In truth, writing (or apologising) hasn’t been where my head has this last year. My road has taken a sharp turn and I am learning to keep walking and make peace with the difficulties and joys of it. My camera’s eyes are closed and my work is snoring softly in hibernation. My lens instead is turned silently inwards, on the profound changes that lap my shores and toss and turn me regularly in the waves. I’m taking baby steps getting back to a new normality.

Sounds dramatic. It has been, truth be told. My priorities have had a reshuffle and I have been learning the sore way about identity, about patience, about vulnerability. But I don’t want drama to be the lasting impression,  I’m re-learning about love too. x




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